New River

Teacher(s): Ralph and Susie Skinner
Room: Room 40                   Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Prayer by Richard Foster
Duration: Begins June 10

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Need a Sunday School home? Need a fresh start? Come join Ralph and Susie for a new beginning. This is a brand new class started Spring 2018.


Teacher(s): Betty Earl, Dale & Kate Allen, and Russ Williams
Room:   30                     Day/Time: Sunday 9:45 am
Study: Colossians: Against the Tide (Specific ways we can develop attitudes and actions to honor the Lord.)
Duration: June-July 2018

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments: Our current focus is on specific ways Christians may engage in counter
cultural living as they age. Small group lecture/interaction assists participants in
developing a Biblically strategic approach to leaving a spiritually vital legacy. Age 50+

Experiencing God

Teacher(s): Mary Nichols and Charlotte Lee
Room: Room 40                   Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study:Me, Myself, and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild
Duration: July 1

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Women’s group

Faith Journey

Teacher(s): Allen White
Room: Historic building – upstairs     Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Gospel of John, guided by Adam Hamilton’s John: The Gospel of Light and Life
Duration: Starts June 18th, 14 Weeks

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: College age, young adult, and young at heart

Forever Young Adults

Teacher(s): Rotating
Room: 54 – Youth Game Room            Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Creed by Adam Hamilton
Duration: Ongoing until the end of the book

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Class range is 30s – 50s. We enjoy a variety of book and DVD studies. We believe small groups and relationships formed in them are an important part of our faith. We enjoy learning through discussion with each other. Class contact is Sandra Valukas.


Teacher(s): John Buchheit, Sheila Cooper, and Ron Uglow
Room: 31                  Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Krazy Kinfolk: Dysfunctional Families in the Bible  (using selections from the Bible)
Duration: June 3rd – July 8th

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments: Studies from the Bible

New Life

Teacher(s): Larry Cooper
Room: 27 – Library                   Day/Time: Sunday 9:50–10:50 am
Study: Summer Cokesbury Quarterly, New Testament Teachings on Justice
Duration:  June 3 – August 26, 2018

Coming Up Next: Not Available

Comments: This quarter we are taught out of the New Testament about justice from both Paul and Jesus. With a quarterly, you always know the upcoming topic.

Open Door

Teacher(s): Phil Moore & Kevin Slimp
Room: Below the Gym – Large Conference Room               Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: What is the Bible by Rob Bell
Duration: June 17 – Aug 19

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments:Large discussion and lecture-based class with age range 23-88. 


Teacher(s): Larry Scollard
Room: Historic Building, Ground Floor          Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Cokesbury Quarterly Study, Summer 
Duration: 13 weeks starting June 3rd

Coming up next: Not available

Comments: Not available


Teacher(s): Kenn Nobinger
Room: 51                  Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Can You Drink the Cup by Henri Nouwen
Duration: Begins July 8

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: A look at Matthew 20:20-23 where two disciples ask for a place of honor when Jesus comes into his kingdom. Jesus asked them if they are able to drink from the cup he will have to endure. Jesus asks us this very same question…are we willing and able to drink from the same cup as Jesus. Everyone is invited to come and explore this question. Any adult ages who enjoy lively discussion are welcome. We still have a few books available for $4.

Thursday Morning Ladies’ Bible Study

Teacher(s): Elaine McGinn
Room: 30         Day/Time: Thursday 10 AM
Study: Will reconvene Fall 2018
Duration:  not available

Coming up next: Fall 2018

Comments: Ladies of all ages

Wednesday Night Ladies’ Bible Study

Teacher(s):Kathy Rinaca
Room: LCR                  Day/Time:Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm
Study: Will reconvene Fall 2018
Duration: Not available

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Ladies of all ages

Men’s Group

Teacher(s): Mark Troutman
Room: Not Available         Day/Time: Wednesday 6:30 pm
Study: Will reconvene Fall 2018
Duration:  Not available

Coming up next: Not available

Comments: Men of all ages

Children’s Sunday School & Nursery

Children’s Sunday school – (9:45 – 10:45)

Children in Kindergarten – 5th grade begin in the sanctuary for singing. 

At 10:00am:
3’s – PK (Room # 24)
K – 2nd Grade (Room # 26)
3rd – 5th Grade(Room # 11)

Nursery Hours – (8:30 – 12:15), Room # 16/17. If we have infants, they are in Room # 13.