Teacher(s): Rotational, with Al Henry Starting Sept 9
Room:   30                     Day/Time: Sunday 9:45 am
Study: The Beatitudes from the Dark Side by Dr. Ellsworth Kalas
Duration: 4 Week study beginning September 9, 2018

Coming up next: Why Everything Matters: The Gospel in Ecclesiastes by Philip Ryken (Betty Earl)

Comments: Our current focus is on specific ways Christians may engage in counter cultural living as they age. Small group lecture/interaction assists participants to develop a Biblical strategic approach to leaving a spiritually vital legacy. Age 50+.

Experiencing God

Teacher(s): Group Discussion
Room: Room 40                   Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White by Adam Hamilton
Duration: August – October 2018

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Women’s group

Faith Journey

Teacher(s): Allen White
Room: Historic building – upstairs     Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Adam Hamilton’s The Call: the Life and Message of the Apostle Paul
Duration: Starts September 16th, 14 Weeks

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: College age and young career (and those young at heart)

Forever Young Adults

Teacher(s): Rotating
Room: 54 – Youth Game Room            Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Immersion Bible Studies: Genesis by J. Ellsworth Kalas
Duration: Ongoing until the end of the book

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Class range is 30s – 50s. We enjoy a variety of book and DVD studies. We believe small groups and relationships formed in them are an important part of our faith. We enjoy learning through discussion with each other. Class contact is Sandra Valukas.


Teacher(s): John Buchheit, Sheila Cooper, and Ron Uglow
Room: 31                  Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Joshua: Journey of a Faith Walker  (using selections from the Bible)
Duration: Sept. 9-Oct. 28

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments: Bible study and class discussion, ages 50+

New Life

Teacher(s): Larry Cooper
Room: 27 – Library                   Day/Time: Sunday 9:50–10:50 am
Study: Fall Cokesbury Quarterly, Old Testament Teachings in Genesis
Duration: September 2 – November 25, 2018

Coming Up Next: We plan on staying with the Cokesbury Quarterly Series

Comments: This quarter we examine everything in Genesis from creation to the formation of the tribe of Israel. We welcome you to visit our class!

New River

Teacher(s): Ralph and Susie Skinner
Room: 23               Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Prayer by Richard Foster
Duration: Through October

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments: Need a Sunday School home? Need a fresh start? Come join Ralph and Susie for a new beginning with others in the New River!!

Open Door

Teacher(s): Phil Moore & Kevin Slimp
Room: Below the Gym – Large Conference Room               Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: What is the Bible by Rob Bell
Duration: Fall 2018

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments:This is a terrific and refreshing new look at the Bible and ourselves. Large discussion and lecture-based class with age range 23-88.


Teacher(s): Larry Scollard
Room: Historic Building, Ground Floor          Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: A New Reformation: From Luther’s Time to Ours    by Rev. Rob Fuquay
Duration: Begins September 16, 6 week book/video series

Coming up next: Not available

Comments: This study is a Methodist pastor’s look at the Reformation in Luther’s time and its implications for our current lives and times. This study is filmed in Germany and other relevant locations throughout Europe.


Teacher(s): Kenn Nobinger
Room: 51                  Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study:  Ruthless Trust by Brennan Manning
Duration: Begins September 16

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: This study is about the intricacies of trusting God. He brings out that to trust God is to bring God joy. The book is dedicated to Jesus of Nazareth, who so longed for out trust that he died for the love of it. Please come and be enriched by our discussion of the topics. Any adult ages who enjoy lively discussion are welcome.

Thursday Morning Ladies’ Bible Study

Teacher(s): Elaine McGinn
Room: 30         Day/Time: Thursday 10 AM
Study: 23rd Psalm
Duration:  Begins September 13th, 7 week course

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Ladies of all ages

Wednesday Night Ladies’ Bible Study

Teacher(s):Kathy Rinaca
Room: LCR                  Day/Time:Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm
Study: All Things New: A Study of 2nd Corinthians by Kelly Minter
Duration: Begins September 19th

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Ladies of all ages

Fall Studies

Teacher(s): Jacob Reedy
Room: 30         Day/Time: Sunday 7:00 pm
Study: Jesus: A Theography by Viola & Sweet
Duration:  Begins September 9th

Coming up next: Not available

Comments: When we traditionally think about a biography of Jesus, it is easy to begin with the Nativity. Yet, the story of who Jesus is begins before time has even started when the Triune God created the Heavens and the Earth. This small group will look at the story of Jesus as told from Genesis to Revelation, combining the historical Jesus with biblical theology. We will use the book Jesus: A Theography by Viola and Sweet. Buying the book to read is recommended but not required.

Fall Studies

Teacher(s): Bruce Galyon
Room: 23         Day/Time: Wednesday 11:00 am and 6:00 pm
Study: The Book of Psalms
Duration:  Begins September 12th

Coming up next: Not available

Comments: Most consider the book of Psalms a book of songs.  However, it is mostly a book of prayers.  It was the prayer book of Jesus. One-third of the Psalms are psalms of lament.  Lament psalms are prayers of complaint; one expressing disappointment, frustration, and anger (toward God). This study will be a lesson in how we should pray in difficult times.

Children’s Sunday School & Nursery

Children’s Sunday school – (9:45 – 10:45 am)

Children in Kindergarten – 5th grade begin in the sanctuary for singing.  At 10:00 am, they go to:
K – 2nd Grade (Room # 26)
3rd – 5th Grade (Room # 11)
3’s – PK (Room # 24)

Nursery Hours – (8:30 – 12:15), Room # 16/17. If we have infants, they are in Room # 13.

11:00 Children’s Church – Room # 1 (Historical Building) *We play outside if we finish the lesson and the weather is nice.  I put a note on the door; most parents know.

We currently have 2 Youth Sunday school classes.  They usually begin between 9:45 and 10:00 am.