Teacher(s): Rotational, w/ Kate and Dale Allen thru Feb 17
Room:   30                     Day/Time: Sunday 9:45 am
Study: The Unnamed
Duration: 6 Week study beginning January 14

Coming up next: Al Henry will do a 2 week study on Proverbs in late February, between the current series and the commencement of a Lenten series.

Comments: The current study is a video/audio/discussion series about how the lives of 6 different “unnamed” saints from the New Testament have impacted Christianity, and a bit of introspection into our own Christian journey. Age 50+.

Experiencing God

Teacher(s): Group Discussion
Room: Room 40                   Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: A New Reformation by Rob Fuquay
Duration: Ongoing

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Women’s group

Faith Journey

Teacher(s): Allen White
Room: Historic building – upstairs     Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Adam Hamilton’s The Call: the Life and Message of the Apostle Paul
Duration: Starts September 16th, 14 Weeks

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: College age and young career (and those young at heart)

Forever Young Adults

Teacher(s): Rotating
Room: 54 – Youth Game Room            Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: A Broader Context by Joel McDuffee (member of the class) – the study is to put biblical events in the context of the broader geopolitical story of the time period from 900 – 538 BC.
Duration: Ongoing until the end of the book

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Class range is 30s – 50s. We enjoy a variety of book and DVD studies. We believe small groups and relationships formed in them are an important part of our faith. We enjoy learning through discussion with each other. Class contact is Sandra Valukas.


Teacher(s): John Buchheit, Sheila Cooper, and Ron Uglow
Room: 31                  Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: 10 Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe by Larry Osborne
– purchase of the book is encouraged but not mandatory
Duration: Jan 06 – Mar 10

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments: Class range is 38-90 years old. We do Bible study, DVD studies, and book studies.

New Life

Teacher(s): Larry Cooper
Room: 27 – Library                   Day/Time: Sunday 9:50–10:50 am
Study: Winter Cokesbury Quarterly: Our Love for God: Deuteronomy, Joshua,
Psalms, Matthew, Luke, and Epistles
Duration: December thru February

Coming Up Next: Spring Cokesbury Quarterly Series: Discipleship and Mission

Comments: This quarter we examine our love for God through a variety of Old and New Testament books. We welcome you to visit our class!

New River

Teacher(s): Ralph and Susie Skinner
Room: 23               Day/Time: Sunday 9:45 am
Study: Study: Parables from the Back Side by Dr. J.Ellsworth Kalas
Duration: Through March

Coming up next:  Lent Study

Comments: Need a Sunday School home? Need a fresh start? Come join Ralph and Susie for a new beginning with others in the New River!!

Open Door

Teacher(s): Phil Moore & Kevin Slimp
Room: Below the Gym – Large Conference Room               Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: Study: A Digest of Wesleyan Grace Theology: Preparing, Pardoning, & Perfecting by Donald W. Haynes
Duration: Intro 1/6/18, starts 1/13/18

Coming up next:  Not Available

Comments:This is a must read in understanding our Methodist history and theology. Large discussion and lecture-based class with age range 23-88.


Teacher(s): Larry Scollard
Room: Historic Building, Ground Floor          Day/Time: Sunday 9:50 am
Study: A New Reformation: From Luther’s Time to Ours    by Rev. Rob Fuquay
Duration: Through January +

Coming up next: Not available

Comments: This study is a Methodist pastor’s look at the Reformation in Luther’s time and its implications for our current lives and times. This study is filmed in Germany and other relevant locations throughout Europe.

Thursday Morning Ladies’ Bible Study

Teacher(s): Elaine McGinn
Room: 30         Day/Time: Thursday 10 AM
Study: The Quest by Beth Moore
Duration:  Begins Jan 17, 6 week course

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Women of all ages

Wednesday Night Ladies’ Bible Study

Teacher(s):Kathy Rinaca
Room: LCR                  Day/Time:Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm
Study: Psalm 23 by Jennifer Rothschild
Duration: Begins Jan 23, 7 week course

Coming up next: Not Available

Comments: Ladies of all ages

Men’s Group

Teacher(s): Mark Troutman
Room: 30         Day/Time: Wednesday 6:30 pm
Study: The Life and Ministry of the Messiah by Ray Vander Laan
Duration:  Begins Jan 17, 8 week course

Coming up next: The Death and Resurrection of the Messiah

Comments: Men of all ages invited to attend!

More to come!

Children’s Sunday School & Nursery

Children’s Sunday school – (9:45 – 10:45 am)

Children in Kindergarten – 5th grade begin in the sanctuary for singing.  At 10:00 am, they go to:
K – 2nd Grade (Room # 26)
3rd – 5th Grade (Room # 11)
3’s – PK (Room # 24)

Nursery Hours – (8:30 – 12:15), Room # 16/17. If we have infants, they are in Room # 13.

11:00 Children’s Church – Room # 1 (Historical Building) *We play outside if we finish the lesson and the weather is nice.  I put a note on the door; most parents know.

We currently have 2 Youth Sunday school classes.  They usually begin between 9:45 and 10:00 am.